Designing your mornings: for those who hate the mornings


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The Three Things That Simplify The Rocket Science Of Staying Motivated

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David Elliott So often we forget about the long term trying to acheive short term beneifts. But if we want real success, take the long run is essential.

The Indispensable Things Of Life: Desiderata

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Nina i love pizza. i am so calm while eating it haha i use others as an inspiration. i never compare myself to others. we are all different in our own uniq...

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The only one we should compare ourselves with is who we were yesterday.

Do You Have A Blueprint For Your Life, Or Are You Just A Breathing Potato?

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The Panicked Foodie Great post! Staying true to myself is something I have always struggled with, and which I am working on right now. I have taken a lot of jobs in the p...

Thirteen Of The Most Powerful Words I Have Come Across

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Dalene Ekirapa Curiosity creates opportunity! Well, that is indeed powerful and makes a lot of sense since you'll never know until you actually try it!

The Greatest Achievements Are Born From Commitment

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Mel I couldn't agree more: commitment is the key to success, whatever your goals and aspirations are. Not giving up, no matter how tough things get, is ho...