If you’ve never succeeded with anything you’ve done before, I want to suggest to you something called winning- I promise you’ll love it!

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Losers loose and winners win! What separates a winner from a looser is mindset and action. If you find yourself with a negative mindset and inefficient action, then you are what is called a looser. I just came to call you out; didn’t you see the title? This is an unmotivational speech.

So you suck at everything you try to do? Well, have you failed 99 times already? Some people don’t even give a second chance to themselves to prove the fact that they can actually succeed. So you’re the pessimist who sees obstacles instead of opportunity to grow? Failing is when you learn that something you tried doesn’t work, but failure is when you give up on the possibility of a positive outcome and breakthrough, and your ability to make it happen. At the point where you conclude that you are no good without working sweat and blood for it, you become a legit failure! Patience, a positive mindset and dedication to (ultimately) finding a way round you problems is what you should run with. The messed up thing about giving up is that it’s going to become kind of like an addiction which would keep depressing you in every other thing you try do. Saying that “I just can’t do it”, “I just can’t get it to work”, “I’m just not smart enough” is actually proof that you have no reason to be giving up yet; take a second and think about that. Until you start having a little more patience and a little more tolerance for failure, bye-bye looser!

If you find yourself comparing yourself and your achievements to that of others, and considering yourself to be a looser because you’re not ‘there yet’, then I want to officially hand you the ‘looser’ certificate because you deserve it. Each and everyone’s circumstance, chances and paths in life are always so different. Consider the situation where two people can be in the same classroom, studying under the same conditions and one fails the tests while another excels. If you are the one failing and you think it’s because you are bellow someone at the moment, then you’re right- you’ve failed. If you would realize that you’re at the bottom because you’re not being the best you can actually be and not capitalizing on your strengths to push you further, then you have the best chance of success! Always say you want to be the best you can be and not to be as good as another person because at every point in time, someone is another person’s looser; your winner can actually be a looser. Never try to mimic footsteps but instead, listen to your mind and body; let it tell you the best practices and method which you can handle and find the tools and resources to help you work with that, in order to reach your highest potential.

If you’ve never succeeded with anything you’ve done before, I want to suggest to you something call winning- I promise you’ll love it! In order to get that awesome thing called ‘winning’ you will have to stop thinking your goals are too big to achieve! Goals are never too big! It’s your passion which is too small, your willpower which is too small, you have little perseverance, or you are just freaking lazy! They say necessity is the mother of invention but necessity isn’t a single parent- she has a baby daddy too, who is a combination of willpower, dedication and perseverance. Let patience be your guide and you will get there.

Never ever rush because the solution is always harder than we think! Rushing only set’s you up for disappointment. Instead of asking “when the hell will I finish?” enjoy the process and allow it to lead you to the best outcomes. For me, the best ideas come to me when I’m usually just chilling and not when forcing a solution.

In building an awesome life, there is absolutely no limit to what you can do and achieve! The only thing keeping you from victory is your luck of self-belief. No matter how you want your life to turn to be, you absolutely have the power to drive it to that destination. Visualize your successful endings and back it up daily with life-changing mentality and actions.


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This is great! All about perspective. Thanks for getting me thinking.

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  • Thinkingyellow

@Kelly Thanks for your comment!

Ali - We Made This Life

I love this, a positive mindset is the best way forward! It really helps me!

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Catalina Nini

Being freaking lazy or too scared stop us from achieving our goals. We need to remember that if we feel we can or can't do it, we are right. It's all about the perspective.

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  • Thinkingyellow

Yes it's really all about perspective @Catalina Nini


Very inspiring, something small and achievable goals are truly most of the time a stepping stone to begin changing the mood. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Great post

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Thanks for the nice comment @eliza!