Thirteen Ways On How

Life is supposed to be lived with full optimism, happiness and gratitude towards whatever may come your way and in whatever circumstance.

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The precious gift of life, just like every other gift, is given to us to fully enjoy and to live it fully. Life in itself is a sign of hope and another chance to be the amazing and total bad-asses that we can be. What if you woke up tomorrow to find out you just have a couple months left to live? Is that what it would take for you to realize that your job shouldn’t be a reason why you hate everyday (and love Tuesdays because it’s the furthest from next Monday) and the president is going to be in power for whatever years he or she has left weather you like the person or not, for you to get your ass up and go do stuff for yourself? Life is supposed to be lived with full optimism, happiness and gratitude towards whatever may come your way and in whatever circumstance. Scroll down this post and read as I talk about the thirteen ways on how you can live your best life.


When you finally turn off your alarm clock and get out of bed, remember that every day is a new beginning and yesterdays loss belongs to yesterday, today is another chance to be successful and you’ve been granted another opportunity to win. Take this as your daily first dose of positivity to help kick-start your day with gratitude and optimism.


Positivity is not the absence of doubt and fear but the mastery of both; to be able to look at a challenge dead in the eyes, knowing your shortcomings against that problem and still take on the situation, believing that you will at a point achieve your desired outcome. Positivity is a mix of self-empathy (listening to yourself with compassion and understanding, which doesn’t take the problems away, but enables you to endure them without feeling guilt and rage about yourself), optimism (the hope and confidence that leads to achievement) and gratitude (congratulating yourself with ever progress you make no matter how small it may be, and understanding that you are actually improving). Positivity knows no rush or speed but instead focuses on perseverance and most importantly, gratitude.


If you think you’re not good enough for anything, you have most likely been fooling yourself all this time and haven’t given yourself (not others giving you) the opportunity to flourish. For most, success is when there is a loud cheer and a standing ovation and therefore they live based on the validations and expectations of the world around them when in reality, true fulfillment can never be measured by the outside world but only in our hearts and mind. So when the world or situations make you feel like you’re not good enough, ignore them and live according to your own strengths and strides. Focus on your good traits and count your blessing as you progress. Live each day with a purpose and achieve those goals you want to accomplish, taking them on a little at a time. Patiently and optimistically work on your flaws, and celebrate your successes and strengths as you go.


Have you realized how some people get salty when your life starts going on good? Some people never like to see others grow and become better in life and can sometimes do the most to see you fall. Never allow peoples actions and inactions cloud your happiness, and just continue to be amazing.


Most people would agree on being true to oneself but don’t really know and understand who they truly are. Being true to yourself first starts by identifying the fundamental desires that drive our actions and decisions and being grounded in them. I like to think of these desires as the circles of our lives which when interconnected, completes our purpose and gives our lives meaning. For me, these circles are 'simplicity', 'freedom' and 'Peace' which I make sure are elements of everything I do. By being able to realize these things, you will be able to identify your path in life while being more comfortable sticking to it without fear or intimidation which in turn leads to better fulfillment.


If you have self-doubt that's great! They say commitment is healthiest when it's not without doubt but in spite of doubt. Doubt should help you make better preparations as well as taking sound precautions instead of crippling you. You’re on to something big so don’t yield to doubt but go do it already!


Set your priorities straight as you learn to say “no” more often. Always try to see the silver lining in the clouds and have hope that everything is eventually going to be all right.


“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her”─ Lao Tzuz.


Don’t look far because it’s right with you- it’s within you. If you love and accept yourself, everything will just do same. “Wouldn’t it be powerful if you fell in love with yourself so deeply that you would do just about anything if you knew it would make you happy? This is precisely how much life loves you and wants you to nurture yourself. The deeper you love yourself, the more the universe will affirm your worth. Then you can enjoy a lifelong love affair that brings you the richest fulfillment from inside out”─ Alan Cohen.


Most people are unable to pick themselves up to do stuff mostly because they feel too comfortable in their current situation─ People need to get slapped by reality. You can avoid the slap by giving yourself a little nudge with a method I call "The Fourth". The Fourth is an ultimatum of four seconds (by counting) you give to yourself to go do something. It slowly and subconsciously enables you to develop discipline as well as an attitude towards being productive. For example, sincerely instruct yourself, "I’m going to click the star to like this post on the fourth count", count to four then click the star.


Take risk and chances because later in life you’ll look back with a better sense of accomplishment, knowing that you lived your life like you wanted to, and that it was all worth it. Life is too short for you to be living your life bounded by limitations, and way too long for you to be stuck in the same unsatisfying environments─ take a chance and live to your hearts contempt.


Oh did I say perfect? Well I don't know of anyone who attained perfection, or at least became perfect overnight. What you can do is become very good, and you can only achieve that by just doing all of the right little things- a little at a time. When someone asks you, "How can you eat a whole elephant?" you answer "by taking one bite at a time".


Just start doing- that’s all. Oh you thought there was more to this? Well no.

What are some of the bad ass moves you make to make you life much more amazing? Don't be selfish and share with us in the comments.


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ade young

These are great life advice. I like the last part, to achieve anything, you must start with something!

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  • Thinkingyellow

@ade young thanks for your nice comment!

David Elliott

I think getting one's self set up at the beginning of the day helps the rest of the day to run smoother. You are much happier that way.

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  • Thinkingyellow

Exactly @David Elliott!

Catalina Nini

I love it when I find posts like this. They make my day. We forget most of the time that life goes by and mostly, we forget to look after our mind. When I am stressed, I try to remember the 5 by 5 rule - if this wont matter in 5 years, there is no point to spend more than 5 minutes stressing about it.

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  • Thinkingyellow

@Catalina Nini i love the idea of the 5 by 5 rule and i'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for the comment.


Wow! This is such a great list of things people deal with. I struggle with self doubt sometimes. It can be hard!

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  • Thinkingyellow

It really can be hard @Jennifer, but as winners we never quit! I hope you are able to get over your struggle with self doubt soon.