The Three Things That Simplify The Rocket Science Of Staying Motivated

Sometimes what we expect and what actually happens can be completely surprising… in a good way. Of course some of the things in life are really predictable. It’s reassuring when things turn out the way we think they would- But more often than not, the universe pulls the rug from under us…

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I know you don’t know, but I make software. It’s what I do as a career; it’s what I love and what I want to do forever. For software development and like many other things, it takes a lot of time, dedication and overcoming numerous frustrations to turn that idea into a working product that users actually want.

In August 2017, I had my first idea of an application I wanted to develop. I had recently discovered blogging and like many others, was finding it difficult in working out how to put together all the numerous pieces which make up a successful blog. Like every developer, I wanted to make an application to solve that problem; an app that simplified the entire blogging process. With that app, I could make the blogging process simpler for myself, and possibly make a business out of it by providing the app to others who found it helpful; so I started wring the code. I spent all that time till early October 2017 in developing the app. In October, I switched to learning a new programming language which lead me on another path of developing a different application; a desktop messenger app (I know you may be thinking “who wants to chat on their computers?”But I assure you this one is very cool and it wasn’t a waste of time developing it!). That app I started for fun but ended up making it into a fully mainstream useable app, but I decided to launch it alongside my main app; the blogging app. I finished development for the messenger at the end of December 2017, and went back to the blogging app early January 2018. In early February 2018, I had a separate idea to complement the blogging app and decided to go and develop that one too.

In about 10 months, I have had to restart the same project about four different times, stop and go make a completely different app, and come back to continue with the same app, then take a turn to develop a complementing app for my main app, and I’m not done yet. Throughout all this time, I’ve woken up each day happy and all-in to continue, and sometimes start over. The three main things that help to keep me going are what I want to share in this post today.


This point may seem obvious at first thought, but really? To someone reading from a dictionary, patience is “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious”. But it goes deeper than that. To truly have patience (at least to me), you need never see time limits or deadlines – to-do lists don’t really work well here. It’s to be able to get up every day and give off your best towards your long term goals no matter the circumstance. The keywords and phrases here are ‘give off your best’, ‘your long term goals’, ‘no matter the circumstance (when things are good or not, and whether it’s the right time or not – in the case of working with to-do lists)’. “Sometimes what we expect and what actually happens can be completely surprising… in a good way. Of course some of the things in life are really predictable. It’s reassuring when things turn out the way we think they would- But more often than not, the universe pulls the rug from under us…” This is a quote I shared which speaks well on patience – to be able to keep your head up high and continue your fight without seeing time and circumstance as limitations, as well as accepting the fact that things change whether we like, want, expect or not. My point here on patience forms an integral part of the next two points so if its not very clear now, hopefully you’ll get it as I proceed.


I believe for most, lack of motivation to continue to do something stems from the thought and seeing others progress to higher heights than they are currently at. What many people fail to realize is that success is never determined by speed! I repeat, success isn’t determined by speed, but by value and how long that value stays high up! Consider the case of Facekook’s data breach. Just eight weeks after such a massive scandal, Facebook recovered all $134B it lost due to the incidence. That’s as a result of Facebook’s dedication to their long term goal of being the number 1 social media app that connects the world. If Facebook can recover $134B so quickly after such a huge scandal, it should tell you how much they have put into focusing on the long term. Call it whatever you want, but Facebook has succeeded in their long term goal of making you not want to put it down or throw it out. There have been successes that grew so quickly and fell back down even quicker than they went up. There have also been successes that showed up to the game late, yet conquered every other player on the field and will continue to reign supreme for a long time to come. It’s the second kind of success we should all be working towards. It involves focusing on the long term goals and not the quick thrills. So if it’s envy, jealousy, impatience, the urge to prove a point to some person with opinions, or pure laziness that is causing you to not focus on what you want to achieve in the long term, you’ve got to kick it out! The journey of chasing ultimate and long term achievements and knowing that the best victories are the ones far ahead always keeps me pumped, and it should for you too.


Your ability to make people want what you’re offering so badly is what ultimately counts. If you should be able to gather hundreds of thousands of followers for your brand, just to lose it to the next person very easily, then it was never worth it in the first place. You should gain more motivation in knowing that you are preparing an absolute winner, instead of pushing your wobbly champion into the fight and relying on hope to win. Hope is not a strategy! Let the thought of your competitors down on their knees put a grin on your face while you take time to build value in your brand.

For all of you who know and understand the business side of blogging, you have realized that this blog isn’t monetized in any way (and it wouldn’t be for a long time to come). That’s because I restarted this blog just about five weeks ago, and I’m capitalize on these three things I’ve shared before even considering this blog to be a business. With regards to the app I’m building for bloggers, I’m hopefully going to finish up and launch the complementary part of the main app (which is super advanced and super useful) within this month (hopefully) before finishing up with the main app.

If you ask me what the ultimate motivation is and to summarize this post, I’ll say It’s about looking out into the future and knowing that the value which you are patiently building on today is going to bring your ultimate goals into reality as well as a victory that lasts forever!

If you like this I will be supper glad if you clicked on the star! These words are my own thoughts and opinions. I will like to know what you also think so share in the comments.

Ps: I feel like I have to say this but this post isn’t an ad for my app. LOL!


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London Mumma

We all need a little bit of paence in order to stay and keep motivated. So easy to loose track of what is needed to be done.

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  • Thinkingyellow

@London Mumma Thanks for your comment!

Dalene Ekirapa

I agree that many tend to want to succeed so fast which is usually not the case. So when that fails, they lose motivation. No wonder, aiming for the long term and being patient are key points to focus on.

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  • Thinkingyellow

@Dalene Ekirapa yes indeed. aiming for the long term and being patient.

David Elliott

So often we forget about the long term trying to acheive short term beneifts. But if we want real success, take the long run is essential.

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  • Thinkingyellow

@David Elliott yes indeed! Thanks for sharing your comment.


So true.. really it was interesting read :) With patience and hardwork one can achieve anything in life.

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  • Thinkingyellow

Thanks for your comment @simpleindianmom!