Someone told me the keys to success are now 3D printed keycards in Japan. Can I really find them there? Can I get my keys to success in blue?

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Let me ask a question - will you borrow my keys if you couldn’t find those that open your door? Wait a second, don’t rush, and just think about this.

Done? You’re sure you’ve fully comprehended the question, and have come up with a convincing answer? If you have, I will like that you let that answer stay with you even after you’re done with this post. If you haven’t figured out an answer yet, stick with me, you’re going to learn something today.

My perspective on advice and motivation changed when I was in high school. I was in the same class and dorm as people who literally slept the entire school term and come up first in exams, and there were others who spent every minute studying and achieved nothing.

My seat was the first one at the back of the class and on the right side. From there, I got a full view of the class and everyone in it. From there, I will often find myself observing people; the way they act, what exactly they did, and how what they did affected how they were as people. It was also a good place to fall asleep (lol). From my observations, I realized that nothing was balanced, nothing was actually what you will think or expect it to be – not unless you had a view like I had and actually stopped to think about it.


I’ve come to find out that there is nothing that always works. There is no one true advice that solves all. There are many who debate that a college degree is essential if you want to have a successful life. But I can count at least two insanely successful people who didn’t complete their college education and many others who didn’t go to “good” colleges. So maybe a degree is not the key to success. But wait, the current richest person in the world was actually a Silver Knight Award receiver, a valedictorian and a National Merit Scholar. So maybe a degree is the key to success, and it’s probably or usually disguised as a bookshop and has someone with a name starting with “B”?

Deciding to quit college may seem like a good idea just because you know two people who did it and are now successful, but you, may just end up flipping burgers in a McDonald's restaurant. You may rather decide to go for a college degree, but end up becoming miserable for literally the rest of your life, in a job that you hate and with a boss that sucks the life out of you while smiling.

So who knows what to do? Who can show you the best way out? Nobody! Not Mark Zuckerberg, not Elon Musk, not Annoying Annie who will always ask “what are you doing with your life” [read in an old grumpy voice] and certainly not Entitled Edward who always wants you to come get the “top ten tricks successful entrepreneurs use” [read in an entitled millennial’s voice].

I believe what every successful person ever did was to sit back and look at themselves, their current situation, their strengths, weaknesses and used that reflection to navigate their circumstances and drive themselves to the successful heights they are at. Not by following tips and tricks from someone’s Instagram account.


They are all with you! You just haven’t been able to understand them and use them in the most effective way possible. They are in your goals, they are in your dreams, they are in your happiness, they are in your sadness, they are in what you want, they are in what you lost and they are in what you have. Sit back and reflect on yourself, and let that be that be the fuel that drives your passion to lead you to wherever you want because only you can get you there.

If you get burnt out and need some sort of encouragement, look for something that tells you to be patient, steadfast, reflect on your past achievements no matter how small, love the process, keep learning and to stop comparing your situation to that of others.

To base your life and decisions on the steps of others is like using someone’s well functioning keycard to open your door which requires facial recognition.

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the article is really eye opener

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@mega Thanks for your comment! I'm glad i could give you something positive to think about.