If You Are Twenty Something Read This

Hitting rock bottom is a usual thing. And you are only given two choices, get up or get buried. Of course, you will choose to get up because you don't want to miss anything, and at this age of FOMO, surely you will find your tune again.

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You are in your twenty something now. Others say that this is a tough phase in one's life, because at this age you have to get face-to-face with reality. This moment of your life is full of fun but as a transition stage of your life from teenage to young working adults, you will be facing lot of challenges.

As a young twenty-something working adult, you will realize why life is hard. You have to work eight hours or beyond. It is more stressful compare to what you've experienced in college. Even if you work hard, there are no results most of time. When making mistakes at work, you will encounter "near death experience". The only thing that you can do is to hide in the bathroom to cry.

While working, you have to be nice as much as possible. There are people you working with, there are people you will working for, and there are people who will help you. These people will make your day what it is. At school, there are extensions of submission of your work but in reality, you have to submit it on time with high quality effort.

When you are in twenty-somethings, you find awkward stalking your crush just like what you did when you were in high school and elementary days. Most likely, love life would never be top priority on the list of things that you've wanted to achieve. But venturing on love first would be beneficial especially when loneliness strikes.

However, you want to prove something when you are at this age. The pressure and expectations is at the higher stakes. And when you're not stronger enough to handle, you've probably messing up all areas of your life. When it happens, you feel like you are a failure. Yes, you are and it takes time to be on the game again. Some manage to be 'on-the-go' while some needs more time to recover.

Hitting rock bottom is a usual thing. And you are only given two choices, get up or get buried. Of course, you will choose to get up because you don't want to miss anything, and at this age of FOMO (fear of missing out), surely you will find your tune again.

You are in the race, something that you need to run over, something that you need to get, and something that you should get because others don't have, in short, you should be on the top of the game all the time. The running won't stop, and if you do, you are end up losing. So you continue, even if you are not happy chasing it.

Competition is very tight. So messing up is a "No", "No". If you mess up, you are incompetent. Especially if you work on a very diversified working environment in which every day you will interact with people graduated with Latin honors, and you- you just graduated on time. But it will help you to be humbled yourself, and you will realize that there is so much to be learned. So always choose to learn.

At this stage of your life, you don't want to be compartmentalized in a box, you've got to explore. While doing so, you will realize that life in the big screen is not as nice it seems to be. And you feel like a victim similar to the drama on TV you've been watching. Reality slaps you and you've end up crying.

There are days when you are feeling like a machine. You have to get up even if you don't want to, and be a functional part of a machine. Salary of course is a big factor. Speaking of it, you have to budget your income very well. It feels good when you finally handed your five digits paycheck. That would become one of your motivations to show up and to do your responsibility. Managing your finances is not easy as it sounds to be, it is really another story because your money can disappear easily. It is difficult if you don't have any savings.

But being on 20s means it is a time when everything seems blurred so just enjoy the moment. Fall in love hard. Make mistakes but don't regret. And more importantly, keep moving in search for your happiness.

It is okay if you don't plan out anything because you are in your 20s, you are supposed to be lost and be young.


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